Presentation of the Steinbourg Crating and Sawmill Co.

The STEINBOURG CRATING and SAWMILL Co. “S.C.S.” was created in 1963 by Mr. Vincent Schnepf
The heads of management are Mr. Claude Schnepf and Mr. Pascal Schnepf.
The company has 49 employees.


Its present capital is 1,500,000 Euros.
Turnover: 10 to 20 million Euros
Exportation rate: 70% of which half outside the EEC
Company is phase of significant growth

Geographical situation

Situated in Steinbourg, in the region of Alsace, at the feet of the Northern Vosges Mountains and in proximity to the magnificent forest basin of the East of France.


The climate of Alsace-Lorraine and the sustainable forest management has permitted the Beech tree to strongly implant itself.
The annual yield for Beech is one of the most significant in Europe and allows our company to pursue its development with quality raw material recognized throughout the world.