The PEFC certification

All wood used by the Steinbourg Crating and Sawmill Co. come from forests handled under a sustainable forest management and benefit from the PEFC certification.


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Wood supplies



The activity of transforming the wood from a Sawmill is determined by a complex management of supplies.
In fact, the raw material introduced into the production process of a Sawmill is “living” raw material and implies the taking into account of natural phenomena: climactic hazards, the rhythm of nature, the depreciation of wood and a sharp understanding in regards to the origin.

Our company works in close collaboration with foresters who are concerned about the environment and about the sustainable forest management, which are essential for our society.


Together, we have undertaken certain quality measures concerning our raw materials by means of the PEFC certification.
Managing more than 75,000 m3 of logs per year, our company has implemented various procedures concerning supplies that take into account the production imperatives and the management of the storage of sensitive and “living” raw materials.

The privileged location of our Sawmill at the heart of forestland containing important quantities of beech facilitates considerably the transportation of the wood to the production site and in the process limits the environmental impact of transportation via truck.


The management of supplies remains one of the major challenges for our company in the future. The impact of global warming will without a doubt greatly influence future management of natural resources. We try to adapt by constantly reinforcing our implication in the preservation of the forests.

A challenge our company will respond to with conviction!