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Know-how of Steinbourg Crating and Sawmill

Our expanding company has a sawing capacity of 100,000 m3 logs per year.


In order to guarantee the preservation of the wood and an optimal storage or our products, pour company disposes of various drying units, approximately 8,000 m2 in timber steaming sheds and 15,000 m2 in timber storage surfaces.


In order to propose products with a quality that is constant, the bark is systematically removed from all wood, and the wood is then sorted according to quality and introduced into an optimized, modern edging process. Regular and rigorous quality control is applied throughout the production cycle.


In addition, particular care is given to the stacking, conditioning and storage.
Our work team pays careful attention to the professional rules of storage and preservation of sawn wood in conformity with our quality objectives.


Our constant investment in development projects enables us on one hand to maintain our advance in respect to quality and also to make a large range of products available to our clients.


On top of that, our particularly versatile and adaptable production tools make it possible for us to respond to the specific needs of our clientele with great flexibility and reactivity.