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The Sawmill - specialist in the beech-wood

Founded in 1963 by Mr Vincent Schnepf, the Steinbourg Sawmill & Crating Co. already oriented itself as early as 1965 towards sawing activity.
In order to put into action this new axe of development, the company immediately acquired an alternative WD Saw. The mechanization of our Sawmill was initiated.
A constant development effort was implemented by the executive committee.


Our company specializes in Beech and the sawmill activity becomes its principal activity as of 1969.


The company regularly invests in new material in order to constantly reach levels of mechanization that are more sophisticated and more efficient.
An optimum level in equipment is finally reached by our company and its know-how and quality of production enable it to secure its reputation in the market of beech wood, particularly in the international setting.
Claude and Pascal Schnepf, the sons of Mr Vincent Schnepf, founder of the company, today have taken of the leadership of the company. They strive to expand the sawing activity even further by modernizing the different infrastructures as well as the equipment.