Flagship product: “SCS” planks

The quality beech planks that hold their form! (Kilned and air-dried)


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The Steinbourg Crating and Sawmill Co.

The Steinbourg Crating and Sawmill Co. is located on the outskirts of Steinbourg, near the large town of Saverne, on a 17-acre terrain at the edge of the river “Zorn”.It enjoys a privileged geographical situation at the heart of the Alsace-Lorraine beech forests.


Created in 1963, our company has benefited from a solid experience in the area of beech-wood transformation.


Endowed with an efficient and modern fabrication unit, an excellent command of the supply chain and qualified personnel, the company is diligent to propose to its’ clients high quality wood and products.


Its adherence to the PEFC norms demonstrates its engagement to the enduring management of forests and to the protection of the environment.


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