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The Crating Section

The principle activity of The Steinbourg Crating and Sawmill Co., conceived by Mr. Vincent SCHNEPF at its creation in 1963, was essentially the crating activity.
In order to optimize the employees work and offer them a good working environment, in 1977 the SCS built their new building with that activity in mind.
Year after year, transformed by their sustained innovation policy, our company modernized the Crating Co. through acquisition of new materials such as the sawing center, the palette production line, and the robot nailing station.


Finally, in order to be more reactive in regards to client suggestions and delivery delays, the SCS installed significant storage areas for products coming from the Crating unit.
Its know-how, highly efficient equipment and qualified personnel enabled the Crating Unit to respond to the markets specializing in the production of crates and palettes, in standard or specific formats, and for either national or international delivery.